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Nuclear 911

Nuclear Accidents aka "Broken Arrows"

Since 1950, there have been 32 nuclear weapon accidents, known as "Broken Arrows."

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A Broken Arrow is defined as an unexpected event involving nuclear weapons that result in the accidental launching, firing, detonating, theft or loss of the weapon. To date, six nuclear weapons have been lost and never recovered. Now, recently declassified documents reveal the history and secrecy surrounding the events known as "Broken Arrows".

There have been 32 nuclear weapon accidents since 1950. Six of these nuclear weapons have been lost and never recovered. What does this say about our defense system? What does this mean to our threatened environment? What do we do to rectify these monumental "mistakes"?

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Using spectacular special effects, newly uncovered and recently declassified footage, filmmaker Peter Kuran explores the accidents, incidents and exercises in the secret world of nuclear weapons.

Narrated by: Adam West
Music Performed by: Moscow Symphony Orchestra
Directed by: Peter Kuran, the award winning creator of Trinity & Beyond
Run Time: 52 minutes
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