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The Atomic Filmmakers
Hollywoods Top Secret Film Studio

Following World War II, many of the Combat Cameramen who risked their lives to capture the images of War, enlisted in Shooting the Cold War - photographing Atomic Tests!

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Learn about Hollywood's Top Secret Film Studio and the cameramen who photographed top secret atomic weapon tests from 1945, through the height of the Cold War until 1963 when the Limited Test Ban Treaty prohibited future atmospheric testing.

"The Atomic Filmmakers" combines interviews with members of this top secret film studio who put their lives on the line photographing these tests, combined with newly declassified footage of atomic tests, make this an unforgettable video and valuable addition to your War library.

Narrated by: Douglas Lee
Music Performed by: Moscow Symphony Orchestra
Directed by: Peter Kuran, the award winning creator of Trinity & Beyond
Run Time: 52 minutes
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