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Atomic Journeys
(Welcome to Ground Zero)

ATOMIC JOURNEYS explores the secret history of the over 900 Atomic and Hydrogen bomb tests detonated throughout the United States in previously unknown locations as diverse as Mississippi, Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska.

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Many of these tests were part of two U.S. Atomic Energy Commission nuclear testing projects, dubbed "Plowshare" and "Vela Uniform." The purpose of "Plowshare" was to explore the use of nuclear weapons for so called "peaceful purposes" such as building new canals and harbors.

The "Vela Uniform" program was created to detect the seismic signals of nuclear explosions, and to hide these signals as well.

Through the use of spectacular, never-before-seen nuclear test footage, ATOMIC JOURNEYS travels to former test sites and examines the physical changes to the environment, the history behind each test and what the test sites are like today. Finally, we will visit the Nevada Test Site, Located 65 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Nevada Test Site has come to be known as the most bombed place on earth.

Bonus Segments:
  • Actual Newsreel Footage of Unarmed Nuke Dropped on South CarolinaTown.
  • Footage of Atomic Tests from around the world.
  • Slide show tours of Nevada test site and Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Tours of Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico test sites.
  • Atomic Tour Guide: Your Personal Tour Guide to Atomic Locations of the West.
  • Atomic Trailers: An exclusive photo slide show.

Narrated by: William Shatner
Music Performed by: Moscow Symphony Orchestra
Directed by: Peter Kuran, the award winning creator of Trinity & Beyond
Run Time: 52 minutes
© 1999 VCE Inc.