Lookout Mountain Studios

Hollywood, CA

Lookout mountain studio

Located in the hills of Hollywood, California, this secret film studio produced as many films as those of the Hollywood majors, yet most of those films were of a highly classified nature and unseen by all but a few.

The mission of Lookout Mountain, also known as the 1352d Motion Picture Squadron under the command of the Air Force, was "to provide in-service production of Classified motion picture and still photographs for the Department of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission (now the Dept. of Energy) between 1947 and 1969 when the studio was deactivated.

lookout mountain stage
Lookout Mountain stage facility in the Hollywood Hills.
Photography vans
Vans prepare to photograph an atomic test at the Nevada Test Site.
blast wave hits camera
This picture was photographed at the moment the blast wave hit the camera.

Although Lookout Mountain closed its doors in 1969, it continued its presence as a 50,000 sq ft. "residental/creative space" in the Hollywood Hills. Most recently, the studio compound is up for sale with an asking price of $6.3 million. Check out the real estate listing on zillow.