Music Licensing from Atom Central

The following music from "Trinity and Beyond" is available for licensing to advertising, television programs, movies, and new media.

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Song Title (running time) Description
Monument Site / 100 Tons of TNT (2:56) Mounting Fury in style of Goldsmith's "Poltergeist." Epic, Dramatic
Newsreel (2:42) "Citizen Kane" style newsreel music
Fat Man and Littleboy (1:49) Forbidding, dramatic
Hiroshima / Nagasaki Requiem (3:30) Epic Adventure. Reminiscent of "Conan the Barbarian"
Operation Crossroads (1:17) Epic Adventure. Reminiscent of "Victory at Sea"
Armada Annihilation (2:07) Demented March. Similar to Wojciech Kilar's "Dracula"
Deus Vult(2:17) Mysterious
Nautical Graveyard (1:58) Solemn, sad
Operation Sandstone (2:21) Whimsical, Mysterious and ominous
Improved Stockpile Bomb (1:07) Similar to Island Trek from Herrmann's "Mysterious Island"
Russia Gets the Bomb (1:05) Epic Russian in the style of Prokofiev's "Ivan the Terrible"
Operation Ranger Able (2:22) Bold, brassy, uplifting, heroic and Patriotic
Operation Greenhouse (1:09) Determined, Intrigue, Expectation
Boosting with Tritium (:48) solemn, sad but haunting
The George Device (1:55) Determined, Strong Choral ending
The Atomic Cannon (2:32) Patriotic, Whimsical yet haunting, building to solemn ending
Castle Bravo (3:39) whimsical intrigue building to Powerful Choral arrangement
Operation Wigwam (1:28) Trek Music in the style of Goldsmith's "Planet of the Apes"
Cherokee Deliverable H-Bomb (1:58) haunting with powerful sting
The Hood Device (2:48) Epic, dark Suspense building. Reminiscent of Holsts' "The Planets"
Operation Hardtack - Teak and Orange (3:20) solemn, determined, building to strong action ending
Russian Monster Bomb (1:41) delicate suspense culminating in Epic Russian Adventure
Operation Dominic (1:29) solemn, haunting and ominous
Christmas Island Tests (2:17) Beautiful and Heavenly, ethereal Choral ending
Thor Missiles (2:48) peaceful to exciting; second half reminiscent to Young's "Hellraiser"
China Gets the Bomb (3:16) Chinese style whimsical; ending in Epic Adventure. Reminiscent of "Conan the Barbarian"