The Atomic Bomb comes to the iPAD

iPAD version of the book How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb

"How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb" the book is now available in and iPAD version.

The Atomic Bomb comes to the iPad with an app based on the best selling book entitled "How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb." A visually rich and compelling documentation combining awe-inspiring photography and fascinating technical detail, with special features only available for the iPad. The app features amazing, high resolution videos that can be played back and forth by the user to see what happens frame by frame during the explosion of an atomiic Bomb.

The book has been receiving a lot of press coverage lately, thanks to Bill Broad, the science editor for the New York Times who wrote an article called the "Bomb Chroniclers." Coming soon, Pete talks about the book with npr radio.

How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb is a visually compelling documentation combining awe-inspiring photography and fascinating technical detail about the stories and techniques behind photography of the bomb.

Author Peter Kuran's engrossing and powerful arrangement of these complex photographic techniques long with astonishing photographs themselves creates an intriguing intersection at which the viewpoint of the casual observer becomes one of insightful witness.

How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb comes to the iPAD - Press Release

Trinity & Beyond in High Definition

Trinity & Beyond - now available in HD and Blue Ray. Trinity and Beyond in Blue Ray

The HD version has appeared on Discovery HD Theater and most recently on HDnet here in the US. The blu-ray version has the best restoration at the highest resolution. And the most updated scenes. Originally transfered from a 35mm Interpositive to the HD format, then converted to a 1920x1080, 23,976 progressive 10-bit uncompressed digital master. For the blu-ray edition, filmmaker Peter Kuran returned to the original 16 track audio master soundtrack to remix the tracks for the most optimum sound experience. Also, included on the blu-ray version is a short H-Bomb montage in HD.

In Trinity and Beyond,renowned special effects filmmaker Peter Kuran (Star Wars, Star Trek II & V, Robocop) offers up amazing film footage chronicling the top secret, strange, and visually compelling history of the design, production and testing of Atomic Hydrogen bombs by the United States. Narrated by William Shatner (Boston Legal, Star Trek), and an orchestral score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Trinity & Beyond features extremely rare film segments from top secret government archives and startling footage of nuclear bomb tests conducted by Great Britain and China, plus the largest atomic explosion ever created by Russia, and de-classified U.S. footage released to the public.